Painted Lore
The Hare's Mask, A Husk of Hares Sold
Card available from
The Nun, a Mask for A Length of Flesh Sold Card available from
Those Three Sold
Us and You with a Ring of Salt Prizewinner at 207th RI Exhibition
The Sea Glove Sold
Lucky Hare's Foot, A Husk of Hares Sold Card available from
Finch or No More Rain Sold
Ritual Parcel
A Ring of Salt
Inked Bottle/Another Witch Bottle
Black Black Black Shuck
Old Shuck
The Hare's Maze, A Husk of Hares
The Nun's Wings Sold
Those Three, The Second One Sold
Bright Yellow Moon Sold
Broken Bird in a Matchbox
The Original Specimen Bottle
Kim's Sparrow Sold
Spider Hunters
Tarantula Hawk Wasp Study Sold
Tarantula Hawk Wasp Study 6
Half The Luck Sold
Two Wrens Sold
Hibernation Sold
Deer Stop Starts Sold
Cuddling Hornets Sold
A Second Emperor Lantern Sold
Tarantula Hawk Wasp 4
Emperor & Attendant
Soldierfly & Hoverfly
Garden Tiger of Le Rouch Sold
Glass Butterfly Sold
Peacock Fourth Lantern Sold
Peacock, Ringlet and Meadow White
Tortoiseshell Lantern Study Sold
Speckled Wood Lantern Study Sold
Monarch & Great Greyling
A Second Lantern Sold
The Light in the Darkness, A Husk of Hares Sold
Two Soldierflies
Lucky Elephant Sold
Moth Bottle Sold
Clouded Yellow & Peacock Lantern Sold
The Old Maid of the Sea Sold
Kim's Vole
Primula Study
Snyder's Cat Sold
A Messenger
The Toad Bone
Toad of the Road
Two Wings
A Poppet