Painted Lore
The Hare's Mask, A Husk of Hares Sold
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The Nun, a Mask for A Length of Flesh
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Those Three Sold
Us and You with a Ring of Salt
Prizewinner at 207th RI Exhibition
The Sea Glove Sold
Lucky Hare's Foot, A Husk of Hares
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Finch or No More Rain Sold
Ritual Parcel
A Ring of Salt
Inked Bottle/Another Witch Bottle
Black Black Black Shuck
Old Shuck
The Hare's Maze, A Husk of Hares
The Nun's Wings Sold
Bright Yellow Moon Sold
Broken Bird in a Matchbox
The Original Specimen Bottle
Kim's Sparrow Sold
Spider Hunters
Tarantula Hawk Wasp Study Sold
Two Wings
Half The Luck Sold
Two Wrens Sold
Those Three, The Second One Sold
Deer Stop Starts Sold
Cuddling Hornets Sold
A Second Emperor Lantern Sold
Tarantula Hawk Wasp 4
Snyder's Cat Sold
Garden Tiger of Le Rouch Sold
Lucky Elephant Sold
Glass Butterfly Sold
The Light in the Darkness, A Husk of Hares Sold
Hibernation Sold
Peacock Fourth Lantern Sold
Tortoiseshell Lantern Study Sold
Monarch & Great Greyling
Moth Bottle Sold
The Old Maid of the Sea Sold
Kim's Vole
Primula Study
A Messenger
The Toad Bone
Toad of the Road
A Poppet